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My Background

Hi, I'm Gaelle,  I'm a mom and I'm a fully qualified and registered  Shiatsu practitioner in Aberdeen , Scotland. I came to Shiatsu as a guinea pig over 10 years ago and I knew I had to learn it.

In 2014, I lost my flat and my Dad and found myself in a homeless bed and breakfast while my kids were living with their Dad. Luckily, I still had my job and used running as a tool to preserve my sanity. During that same  year, I started to feel energy around me and enrolled into a Reiki training  where I completed level 1 & 2. it is only at the start of 2016 that I enrolled into Shiatsu training with the Aberdeen School of Shiatsu. It has been 3 intensive years of training, full of  sweat and tears but it has also been an incredible journey, trusting my inner guidance, laughters, friendshipsand allignement .

I now work as a Shiatsu practitioner and offer Zen Shiatsu treatments face to face in Aberdeen city and Stonehaven.

Distant  sessions are also available.

In 2022, I joined  Aberdeen School of Shiatsu as a graduate assistant, and Im now part of the Teachers as a Teacher trainee.

Registered shiatsu practitioner, fully qualified

What to expect

 Treatment starts with a diagnosis done on the Hara (belly), after a consultation where questions are asked and medical history covered. 

It is done through comfortable clothes on a futon ( "a mattress on the floor"),  on a massage table or a chair) and last about an hour. Stretching, palming, rotations are used to release the flow of energy in the channels  (meridians) that run through the body.

Shiatsu may help alleviate pain and restore body self ability to heal.

It is a powerful energetic body work.

It provides mental and emotionnal support in changing life circumstances.

Bespoke aftercare recommendations are always provided using Traditional Chinese medicine, stretches, food, Qi gong etc...

Shiatsu is a complete practice that addresses the physical , emotional , mental and spiritual aspect of the person. It reduces tensions, stress, anxiety, back and chronic pain decreases fatigue, restores vitality, improves sleep and stimulates the body immune system.

SHiatsu aberdeen, GAelle COnjaud, Reiki, Qi gong, Sonehaven and Aberdeeen
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